SKOL, the visionary idea of creating a global beer brand

The SKOL brand was created in 1964 by UNIBRA with the ambition to make it a global beer brand. To this end, four brewers, from different parts of the world, decided to partner under SKOL INTERNATIONAL Ltd., each one bringing its own marketing and technical expertise to promote SKOL as an international brand. UNIBRA was the brewery that covered the whole of the African continent.

Our Vision

“We want to be big in the beer category, we love our brand SKOL, we are African”.

We want to develop profitable and sustainable brewing activities that provide opportunities for work and development. We are in this for the long run. We want to grow to become a significant challenger on the African beer market. Our sustained growth of breweries and export initiatives, spreading from the Equatorial African axis, will support the development of our SKOL flagship brand.