It refreshes beyond most other beers… No added sugar.

Its superior drinkability and refreshing flavor makes it the optimum lager with a light and crispy taste. This is the origin of it success making it one of the top 4 volume beers sold in the world.

Brewed according to the lager tradition with the finest ingredients (water, malt,cereal, hops and yeast), using bottom fermenting yeast at cold temperature.

Its roots are a combination of European technology, Brazilian “joie de vivre” and African family values.

Should be served ice-cold at 2°C.

  • Alcohol 5%
  • Colour Light blonde
  • Taste Smooth bitterness
  • Production time 24 days
  • Available 72 cl, 65 cl, 50 cl, 33cl in returnable bottle,
    33cl one way bottle, 50 cl, 33 cl Can

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